Wednesday, November 7, 2007

October (21 lbs) – on the move

Calvin got his first pair of shoes and putting them to the test. He also learned how to wink this month and has been flirting with all the girls at school. He absolutely loves baseball, football and hockey. Not only does he start clapping and raising his hands for touchdowns when he catches a glimpse on TV, even if Derek and I are just talking about it, he starts clapping.
He’s officially given up the bottle and formula. This kid has an appetite like you wouldn’t believe. Halloween was so much fun, he was a muscle man at the Fall Fest at school and a BAD ASS BABY for trick or treating. He loved handing out all the treats to the kids that came to our house as well as trick or treating himself.
This is his winking....

Signing Pop-pop's birthday card.

I love Juna kisses....

hang' in in my tub.

At the beach

This is when the fire truck came to my school..

It's not as easy as it looks...


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