Sunday, January 18, 2009

December - 2 years old 29 lbs

First trip to Disney, he absolutely loved it! We stayed at the POP Century Disney resort, there were huge silhouettes of skates on the side of the hotel which that in itself was the best because he thought it was a hockey hotel. No fear from the big headed characters and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head were directly out our hotel door so he was simply amazed.

Our 3rd Christmas with Calvin. He loves presents, the thoughts of them, the fact that they were under the tree and all for him; but opening them, not so much! It took us through New Years to open the gifts from Santa. Better than the 2 months it took him from his 2nd birthday. The first gifts he opened was 5 5-minute bedtime books which we had to sit and read through each of them as soon as he opened them. His favorite gifts all involved hockey of course.