Sunday, June 24, 2007

June - we're guessing 20lbs


Father’s day….being the most important. Calvin made matching shirts for him and Daddy with his painted hands and feet. We had a great day together celebrating Derek.

This has been a big development month. Calvin had his first vacation to NH, he did awesome on the plane, no tears :-) He added DUCK to his vocabulary, he can get to a sitting position all on his own, in fact he sits up in his crib now waiting patiently for us to get him in the morning. He’s also had his first two bottom teeth emerge, he’s able to pull himself up and he’s learned how to crawl. Our little boy is growing up way too fast!!!

May - 8 months old 19 lbs 2 oz

I attended a Mother's day picnic with Calvin at day care. He made me a beautiful frame. Nina and Gineska used it to put a cute picture of Calvin in it with a tear jerker poem :-) Here's some photos of him making it for me. Also, Calvin was introduced to the pool and beach this month. Of course he LOVED it :-)

April - 7 months old

Calvin is learning to talk, he was sounding out a few sounds like ga and mmmmm as he was looking at his bottle. Shortly after came DA DA DA DA and then MA MA a few days later. Although he doesn’t realize he’s what Ma and Da mean, it’s heart melting!!! We took our first little road trip to Lake Ockocheebee, CT loved it. Easter was a blast, he got all his swimming gear from the Easter Bunny. And we’ve started tasting all kinds of good foods; rice & barley cereals and even some cool stuff like squash & sweet potatoes. We also had exciting visitors this month. Auntie Jen, Payton and Grampy came to see me, we had so much fun!!!