Monday, October 22, 2007

September - my birth month 21 lbs

I'M ONE!!!!
This month was so exciting. I've been learing so much and I had my first taste of CAKE, YUM!

I'm applying for a job at JM Family for the help desk.

My teachers at day care love to dress me up and play with my hair....

August - 11 months old

My hobbies are reading, playing with balls and Juna. This month I've been able to point to myself in pictures. And I can also point out my different family members and all my friends at school. When asked "Where's Jeremy", looking at pictures on a wall at day care, Calvin pointed to the real Jeremy playing on the floor. Everyone keeps telling us how smart he is. He also knows his 3 signs eat, more and milk and can point to the TV, clock, light and fan when you ask him...