Saturday, February 24, 2007

January - 15lbs 2oz 25 1/4 inches

This has been a busy month. Calvin started Day Care on the 10th. He loves his teachers, Nina and Gineska. He has lots of friends and enjoys painting with his feet and doing craft projects. Needless to say he’s wiped out by the time he gets home.
This was for Martin Luther King day at school we painted on a poster board with our feet for the walk of life:

hello from day care

He giggled for the first time on January 7th when Derek and my dad were watching football and shouted out YAY, my mom was holding Calvin and repeating YAY which he started giggling, it was SO cute, we all ran in the room to watch him giggle.


He’s growing up too fast. He’s such a little baby boy now, still enjoys moving around quite a bit and doesn’t want to miss out on anything. He’ll fight to stay awake and then screams when he’s had it. I’m enjoying every moment with him as we only have a couple of weeks left being home together. We’re still trying to do Tummy Time (aka Torture time) but Calvin still hates being on his belly…. His sleep position is still the same as it was 2 months ago. Score..............


November - 11lbs 12oz 23 1/2 inches

Things are going great, Calvin is awesome. We’ve been playing the formula game to see which formula will work best for him. He’s a busy little baby too, he enjoys each station within our house for about 15 minutes before you have to move him to another area. He doesn’t enjoy sleeping as much as he used to. He’s up all day long but sleeps through the night so we can’t complain.

Happy Thanksgiving....

October - 9lbs 4oz 20 1/4 inches

He has changed so much this month from a tiny infant into a cooing baby. He does this cute little thing where he tucks his thumbs in his fists between his index and middle finger. (which is funny because my dad pointed out to me that I do the same thing). Wow! Calvin also sneezes twice in a row when the sun hits his eyes, just like his Daddy :-)

Happy Halloween....

WOW, we can’t believe the day has come!!!!

Our little boy has entered the world.
We are so blessed!!!!

Nothing compares.....