Friday, April 13, 2007

March - 6 months old 17lbs 14oz

What a wonderful month. Calvin was baptised on March 10th. We had lots of visitors; Unlce Rich, Aunt Michelle, Grammy and Grampy were here. Father Tony said that Calvin was the BEST baby ever. He didn't make a peep through the whole ceremony and just smiled as he was blessed. Thank you to all that were able to attend and we're sorry for those that were not able to. We missed you!

He went to his first hockey game, the Bruins vs. the Panthers. Calvin was so cute that we got into the owner’s suite and met Jeremy Jacobs and his wife, it’s nice to know people in high places (Thanks Paula and Jamie). Calvin loved the game and stayed awake cheering his team on the enitre game.

Calvin started eating cereal this month too, of course he loved it and wanted more more more..

He also loves hanging out on his chair, sporting his favorite teams. Baseball has started.......

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