Saturday, February 24, 2007

January - 15lbs 2oz 25 1/4 inches

This has been a busy month. Calvin started Day Care on the 10th. He loves his teachers, Nina and Gineska. He has lots of friends and enjoys painting with his feet and doing craft projects. Needless to say he’s wiped out by the time he gets home.
This was for Martin Luther King day at school we painted on a poster board with our feet for the walk of life:

hello from day care

He giggled for the first time on January 7th when Derek and my dad were watching football and shouted out YAY, my mom was holding Calvin and repeating YAY which he started giggling, it was SO cute, we all ran in the room to watch him giggle.

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Kristin said...

YEAH! You guys are back! I found out through Debra at Reflecting.

I'm so happy you have another blog going. It was great following Tracy's pregnancy (minus the morning sickness. Aren't you glad that's over with!) & Derek's sense of humor is priceless.

Calvin is a cute little guy. How fun to see your new adventures as a family!